Mathew S Matula is a Scam Artist, Crook, Liar and Cheat. I did a photo shoot with Matt and he was in a big hurry to get the photos and despite the fact I asked him to pay me cash for the extreme early delivery but he still wrote me a bogus out of state check. This is against my business practice all together but I was put in a position and it became clear this guy never had any intentions on paying for my service. He claims he needed the photos for dating. I have reason to believe he has been away for awhile but not on vacation if you now what I mean. Everything about this guy was supper fishy, even his energy was very dark and he was very uncomfortable to be around. His story is very suspicious and he showed up with 2 trash bags full of clothes 4 sizes to small. He insisted that they fit him perfectly, you can see for yourself tat his jacket is 12 inches apart end to end. My warning to you is if you ever come in contact with this guy do not accept any checks and just be wary in general. This guy is up to no good. He even threatened me when I attempted to collect my money and intellectual property.

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