Jean Marshall Photography offers professional digital photography for fashion, family portraits, headshots, models, actors, entertainers, artists, lifestyle, events, weddings, business advertising, commercial, real estate photography at your location, on location or at my studio.  You will find my rates are very reasonable, feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

Photography sessions are offered to the General Public by Jean Marshall Photography on a first come first serve appointment only basis.   Private sessions are offered for, individuals, groups, businesses and celebrities.

Your photos will not come with any digital signatures or watermarks and you will receive all the images taken during your photo session minus any out of focus or unflattering images.  


CONTACT: Email response may take up to 24 hours since I am often on location.  You may submit a request via email  from the contact me page, please provide your full name, a phone number, the location and web address for your business and for individuals please include a link to your social media pages.  For immediate response please call 949-466-0828 *If your are requesting a quote via text, I need to know what type of service you are looking for, duration, location and date.  Please try to be as accurate as possible.   Same goes for product photography please provide as much detail as possible so I can give an accurate quote.    


 **PAYMENTS AND DEPOSITS: All shoots require a minimum of $50 and up to 50% booking fee. This fee is non refundable upon booking a date.   The balance is due on the day of your shoot. Upon completion, all shoots are non refundable for any reason.

I accept VenMo, Zelle QuickPay, PayPal, Cash and Checks.   ***No personal out of state checks, corporate okay.


**CANCELLATION: If the client cancels the booking deposit will not be refunded


SPECIAL REQUEST: Such as names that should or should not be used in your personal gallery must be communicated at the time of booking.  If you fail to communicate this I will change it one time as a courtesy, it's then up to you to use the new link and password.  There will be no switching gallery links and names back and forth.  It's a one time change and you will be required to use the new link that you requested.  If you want your gallery to be locked from public viewing it will be considered the same as releasing my copyright and it will cost double the session fee.  Otherwise you will own full right to reprint.  *Note that Rights to Reprint is not the same as Full Copyright.  More Copyright info below.


PHOTO ACCESS: Your photos will be online for 1 year.  Please download your photos on your computer, bookmark them on your computer, burn them to a CD or thumb drive and create an email folder and save the email I send you for future access.  I suggest all of the above.  If you lost the link to your gallery you will find them in the client gallery under your type of service you hired me for.   Or simply do a search in the search bar.   If you still need me to email you a link and password there will be a $25 fee so please follow the instructions above.


PHOTO ACCESS AFTER 1 YEAR: There is a $75 search fee but it is not guaranteed that I will still have them.  Once we shoot it is your responsibility to save your photos. From time to time I need to free up storage room on my site and do not save all my work. If you need me to take the time to find your photos and email you the link again, I do charge for my time.    This can be avoided by following all the steps above.  


***COPYRIGHT*** Jean Marshall Photography reserves the right to publish and produce all images on any medium at any time.  To purchase full copyrights just double your session fee. Under US law a copyright notice is not required to protect copyright. Photographers own the copyright to their work the instant they press the button. 

What rights does the owner of copyright in photos have?

Copyright owners of photos have the exclusive right to: 

  • reproduce the photos—for example, by making prints, photocopying, and digitising; 
  • publish the photo (make copies of the photos available to the public for the first time); and 
  • communicate the photo to the public—for example, by uploading the photos to a website or emailing them.Owning the copyright on your photography doesn’t require any special paperwork, or having the © associated with your image.
  • Copyright will automatically apply once my work is posted online and it exists in a “tangible medium.” 

Photographs Copyright Law

Photo Services Do Not Include Prints.  Prints, Frames and Canvases Sold Separately.

I can create and customize a selection of products and gift items with your images to suit your needs.  Such as glass prints, wall mounts, aluminum art, stand out displays, canvas wraps, greeting cards, magnets, tee-shirts, mugs and so much more. *Note After receiving your photographs they are yours to do with as you please. You will own all rights to reprint and the photos will not contain any Watermarks or Digital Signatures.