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If You Want To Succeed And You Prepare To Do So, You Will Achieve Your Dreams.”
6 Week Sample Workshop Topics
Week 1: Orientation, Goal Setting, Basic Posture, Walking Exercises, How To Turn, Greetings, and Proper Sitting
Week 2: Body Image, Self Confidence, Self-esteem, and How To Handle Rejection,
Attitudes, Shyness, and Leadership Development
Week 3: Eye Contact, Facial Expressions, Body Language, Job Interview Preparation,
Being Career Minded, and Professional
Week 4: Appearance, Grooming, Hair, Makeup Application, Diet, Exercise, and Skin Care
Week 5: Goal Review, Wardrobe, How To Dress For Every Occasion, and
Use Accessories Effectively
Week 6: Etiquette, Table Manners, Poise, and Posture