Boundaries and Self-Care: The Photographer's Sanctuary


Photographers often rely on cell phones. Clients texting you likely understand you're a business. However, many lack respect for your personal time. Late-night texts or calls can disrupt your sleep and well-being.

Setting clear boundaries is crucial. If someone texts after hours, politely respond during business hours. I've had clients react poorly to boundaries, like the one who called me drunk at night. But I don't regret setting those boundaries.

People who call from blocked numbers, especially late at night, are another red flag. These interactions can be toxic, stressful and unnecessary. Protect your mental health and don't answer calls from unknown numbers.

Boundaries extend to your work schedule. Set business hours and stick to them. If you're available after hours and feel up to it, then answer calls or messages. But prioritize your well-being by creating a designated wind-down time.

Burnout is a real threat. You can't pour from an empty cup. Taking care of yourself, mind, body, and soul, is essential.

This job is demanding, both physically and creatively. It takes a lot of energy to constantly create beautiful moments and capture fleeting expressions. Don't just focus on creating beauty for others; create beauty in your own life.