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Professional Photographer Jean Marshall always has a camera by her side, she began photographing with Polaroid's and disposable cameras for fun and to capture her memories of her world travels and life's experience. Throughout her career as an international print, runway and commercial fashion model, Jean lived in Milan, Miami, Tokyo, Paris, Vienna, Athens and Los Angeles, while working for top fashion designers and famous photographers. Jean currently resides in the beautiful countryside of Fallbrook, California living a peaceful, quite life. Through her experience, Jean was able to make a natural transition into digital photography and now regularly photographs model portfolios, weddings, and family portraits in Southern California.

Other career achievements include Fashion Editor of La Dolce Vita Magazine both in English and Italian, Image Consulting, Public Speaking, Choreography, Model Instructing and Pageant Directing for the Miss Beverly Hills Pageant. Jean has directed 126 girls as the pageant director in one year alone and casted hundreds of others. Through the pageant and under her direction and management several of the girls that competed for the title of Miss Beverly Hills went on to have noteworthy careers in the Entertainment Industry.

Jean has a keen eye for simplistic beauty and a passion for photography, she is able to translate her vision through the camera lens to capture timeless moments. Jean uses natural light and daily surroundings to capture these experiences. She has also won several photo contest through Fine Arts America and is a member of American Photography Association.

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