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  • 9,583 sq. ft. natural skylight studio, with multiple outdoor shooting scenarios, and various textures for vintage and modern looks.
  • 2 Indoor studios with various background options and privacy.
  • Multi levels and sections for variety.
  • Client lounge, where clients and friends can hang out.
  • Hair and Makeup Section.
  • Wardrobe racks and hangers for your convenience.
  • Fun photo props available.
  • Access to female fashionable and business attire wardrobe and accessories
  • Surrounded by nature and awesome views
  • Lots of indoor or outdoor table and chairs for meals. Meals can be provided for long photo shoots.
  • 2 Bonfire pits after a long day's work. Optional
  • Plenty of parking.
  • Free WiFi
  • Available for day rental
  • Event Venue
  • Art Exhibits

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