Did You Know? Photo Credit Matters!

Sharing your stunning photos on social media? That's awesome! But just a heads-up: proper photo credit is crucial for photographers like us. It protects our work, fosters a respectful creative community, and helps others find our passion. A quick tag @jeanmarshallphotography or mention "Photo by Jean Marshall Photography is all it takes! Thanks for being a part of our photo journey!


***COPYRIGHT*** Jean Marshall Photography reserves the right to publish and produce all images on any medium at any time.  To purchase full copyrights just double your session fee. Under US law a copyright notice is not required to protect copyright. Photographers own the copyright to their work the instant they press the button. 


RIGHTS to REPRINT: Your photos will not come with any digital signatures, logos or watermarks and you will receive all the images taken during your photo session minus any out of focus or unflattering images. You will have the fright to reprint but we would appreciate it, if you give credit where credit id due. 


***PHOTO CREDIT:*** A Gentle Reminder: Sharing the Spotlight! We're thrilled you love your photos and can't wait to see them shine on social media! Just a friendly reminder that, as per our agreement, including our photo credit is essential. You can tag us using @jeanmarshallphotography on FB and IG @PhotosbyJean on X (twitter) or simply mention "Photo by Jean Marshall Photography in your caption. Sharing credit not only ensures fair recognition for our work, but also helps others discover our photography! Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.


What rights does the owner of copyright in photos have?

Copyright owners of photos have the exclusive right to: 

  • reproduce the photos—for example, by making prints, photocopying, and digitising; 
  • publish the photo (make copies of the photos available to the public for the first time); and 
  • communicate the photo to the public—for example, by uploading the photos to a website or emailing them. Owning the copyright on your photography doesn’t require any special paperwork, or having the © associated with your image.
  • Copyright will automatically apply once my work is posted online and it exists in a “tangible medium.” 

Photographs Copyright Law

We're thrilled you love your photos and can't wait to see them shine on social media! Just a friendly reminder that, including a photo credit is essential.