PHOTO ACCESS: Your photos will be online for 1 year.  My website company automatically removes them after that.  Please download your photos on your computer, bookmark them on your computer, put them on a hard drive or thumb drive. create an email folder and save the email I send you for future access, I suggest you do all of the above.  If you lost the link to your gallery you will find them in the client gallery under your type of service you hired me for.   Or simply do a search in the search bar.   If you still need me to email you a link and password after 90 days there will be a $25 fee so please follow the instructions above.


PHOTO ACCESS AFTER 1 YEAR: There is a $100 search fee but it is not guaranteed that I will still have them.  Once we shoot it is your responsibility to save your photos. From time to time I need to free up storage on my site and do not save all my work. If you need me to take the time to find your photos and email you the link again, I do charge for my time.    This can be avoided by following all the steps above.  


THE LAW: Copyright law traces its origins back to the United State Constitution. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8 states "To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries."

The basic framework of the United State copyright law is established in the Copyright Act of 1976 and further detailed in Title 17. This gives photographers the exclusive right to reproduce their photographs (including making copies) and bans sharing on social media without the creator's permission. The Copyright Act also goes on to give photographers copyright protection from the moment the image is created. And, last but not least, the Copyright Act establishes copyright as a property right. 


What does this mean for you, the client? Just because you have hired a photographer to take images of your family, an event, a location, etc., does not mean you own the images. You are paying for the photographer's professional use of their time. Even after you purchase an image or package from the photographer, you have only purchased that set of images. Not unlimited lifetime access or the ability to reprint, make copies, distribute (via invitations, Christmas cards, etc.), or post on social media without PHOTO CREDIT to Jean Marshall Photography. Reproducing photos without permission can result in civil and criminal penalties. 


STORAGE OF PHOTOGRAPHS: Photographer agrees to retain the original photographs for a period of one year for purposes of making re-prints and fulfilling album orders which shall be charged at photographer's then prevailing price structure.  

GALLERY NAMES AND PASSWORD REQUEST: If you do not want your name of your company name on your photo gallery you must communicate your request at the time of booking.  If you fail to communicate this I will change it one time as a courtesy, it's then up to you to use the new link and password.  There will be no switching gallery links and names back and forth.  It's a one time change and you will be required to save and use the new link that you requested. 


PRIVATE GALLERIES: If you want your gallery to be locked from public viewing you must also communicate it at the time of booking.  it will be considered the same as releasing my copyright and it will cost double the session fee.  Otherwise you will own full right to reprint.  *Note that Rights to Reprint is not the same as Full Copyright.  More Copyright info below.